ARC Projects Ltd is a privately owned Christchurch company.  The company’s predominant presence is in the heavy civil sector, for which it provides an extensive range of civil construction services.  It has a diverse and comprehensive raft of core competencies specialising in Project Management, Civil Structures, Drainage, Trenching, Marine and Roading.  These have enabled ARC to undertake a range of projects, from building complex pumping stations to installing ultrafast broad band.

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Pump Station 133 – ARC Projects Ltd Pump Station 133 was constructed as part of Burwood North WW rebuild, The Structure consisted of a 5.3m deep concrete wet well, valve chamber and flow meter. This work was done offline whilst the entirely new WW system was built in and around the site. Pump station 133 was delivered by ARC within the original programme and on budget, costing just over $600,000. ARC also efficiently co-ordinated with their subcontractors which included the electrical contractor to ensure they were on site and providing the installation and testing required on time without causing any delay or interference. When manufacturers, suppliers and design changes caused potential delays, ARC did their best, always succeeding, to rearrange their programme and rethink construction methods of other tasks to prevent them being held up and affecting the overall programme. This great working relationship between the engineers and the on-site ARC team meant that the handover and commissioning was done as efficiently as possible. Overall ARC were a very easy contractor to work with and went beyond expectations in solving design issues, dealing with environmental requirements, and their communication throughout the whole project with a variety of people was exceptional. This quality of work meant we continued to provide continuity of work to ARC and they went on to build two more pump stations and four Lift stations as well as pump station repair across the Burwood rebuild. All of which were built to the same high standard. Daniel Fryer Project Engineer Burwood North, East and West Downer NZ Earthquake Team
Daniel Fryer Project Engineer Burwood North, East and West Downer NZ Earthquake Team
As the client’s Project Manager for this project it was my entire pleasure to be a part of this team, I had complete involvement and full transparency from ARC Projects from day one to the project conclusion, several challenges arose, innovations generated and relationships established. Zero injuries, zero defects, early finish and below budget are each on their own wonderful achievements to attain but to have all of them occur under a single project is an praiseworthy achievement, one seldom has the opportunity to work alongside such a team and this particular project, although not the largest project I have been involved in it has gone down as one of the greats in my experience. I also personally commend ARC Project’s efforts and hope that in the future I have the opportunity to repeat the experience.
Stephen Holder, Project Manager Christchurch City Council