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About Us

Company Overview

ARC Projects Ltd (ARC) is a privately owned Christchurch company.  The company’s predominant presence is in the heavy civil sector, for which it provides an extensive range of civil construction services.  It has a diverse and comprehensive raft of core competencies specialising in Project Management, Civil Structures, Drainage, Trenching, Marine and Roading.  These have enabled ARC to undertake a range of projects, from building complex pumping stations to installing ultrafast broad band.

Collaborative and intuitive development is the key to ARC's success, equating to timely delivery of our services, efficiency, effectiveness and best for project outcomes. 

ARC's position as a provider of exceptional service in these markets has seen the employment of highly trained staff, the acquisition of specialist plant and equipment and the implementation of systems and procedures which mandate quality assurance at every step of every project.  ARC's fundamental approach to business is to build and maintain constructive relationships.  ARC works with rather than for its clients.  This is achieved through working to develop a comprehensive understanding of clients’ requirements, a commitment to excellence and a solid reputation for not only meeting, but exceeding those client's expectations. It has proved to be pivotal in both our clients' success and our own excellent track record.

ARC is proud of the reputation it has developed for innovation and solution-focussed thinking.  What others may perceive as problems, ARC simply regards as challenges to be met and overcome.  We are regarded as a preferred supplier of civil contracting services amongst an increasing number of Stakeholders.


ARC and its staff have a proud history for successful delivery of projects from small to multi million dollar works and always strive to add to their successful track record.