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Ant Rickard


Ant is the Director and owner of ARC Projects, He also operates as the companies Project Manager. Ant is a civil engineer, member of IPENZ (Institute of Professional Engineers New Zealand) and part of the executive for Civil Contractor New Zealand, Canterbury Brach. Ant has been involved in the construction industry for more than a decade, he has strong management, communication and leadership skills that saw him awarded the prestigious New Zealand Contractors Federation "Leader of Tomorrow" award in 2010. He has an eye for detail and thrives on technical projects. Ant like all the ARC Projects staff strongly believes in collaboration to ensure the best outcome for every project.


027 5886 659


Tony Green

Construction Supervisor

Tony is the companies Construction Supervisor and a founding member of staff being on the team from day dot. Tony has over 30 years’ experience in the civil construction field, from major earthworks to civil structures including the operation of a wide variety of plant, he holds a national certificate in Civil Construction Supervision. Tony's role is the day to day on site running of the projects. Tony thrives under challenging conditions and always succeeds in getting the job done, he is the first in each morning and the last to leave, when the project is in Tony's control you can be sure it’s in safe hands.  


027 4716 670