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Waste Water Pump Station 28





Contract value: 



May 2015 – February 2016


Infrastructure rebuild implying the conversion an “all in one well” wastewater station to detach the wet well from the valve chamber, in Wainoni Rd, Avondale.


  • Temporary works consisting of cofferdams 7m x 12m with 8m deep FSPIII sheet piles with multi-usage well point dewatering to allow excavation to 4.1m deep.
  • Earthworks involving bulk excavation XXm3 and subsequent filling of XXm3
  • Partial removal of existing concrete well and surrounding assets.
  • Concrete works for main structures foundation slabs, walls and covers.
  • Permanent relocation of Enable Chamber to avoid interference with the inlet pipe
  • Installation of new 2500mm x 2500mm x 1850mm deep valve chamber and DN1500 precast flow meter manhole
  • DN250 DI mechanical piping and DN200 pressure bypass connection.
  • Installation of new DN450 inlet pipe from existing inlet manhole to the wet well.
  • Internal coating of the wet well for corrosion protection
  • Installation of electrical kiosk and all associated wiring and commissioning electrical works.
  • Installation of RPZ, water meter and tie-in to existing water supply pipeline.
  • Construction of access crossing, turning area and landscaping.
  • Re-routing and construction of existing pedestrian pathway
  • Construction of hard standing area adjacent to PS 28